Born in Budapest in 1973. Children: Márk (1997), Ádám (1999) and Dalma (2010). She attended the German nationality class at the Elementary School of Pilisvörösvár (until 1987), then continued her studies at Bem József Kindergartner

Vocational School (until 1991). After that, she had studied National Economics at the Business Schule of Munich (1996), then went to the faculty of International Relations at King Zsigmond Academy of Budapest in 2003.


Professional career:

She worked as a kindergarten teacher in the pre-schools of district III in Budapest (1991-92), then she became the Head of Sales at the German NEC GmbH (1994-96). She was a German professional interpreter for 2 years at SFB Bauconsult Kft. (1996-98) then she had become the Director of Sales at Mark Consulting Kft. (1998-2003).


From 2004 she has started to establish her reputation in business life with her own enterprises: Executive Director of Exclusive Marketing Kft., then founding owner of Számlaközpont Zrt. Executive Director of Bunt 24 Kft., the company that cumulated market-leading successes in the area of advertising and marketing. 2013 had brought a significant change in her professional life, she turns to seeking out classical music talents and institutes the Classical Talents Hungary Kft., the company of which she is the Owner-Executive Director ever since. In 2017 she founds the Virtuosos International Zrt., of which she is the Executive Director. Founder and secretary of Kis Virtuózok Alapítvány (the Foundation of Petit Virtuosos), an organization that among other activities, deals with sponsoring young classical music talents.



German - fluent

English - conversational level


Merits, honors:

2017 Order of Merit of Hungary

2015 Kamera Korrektúra Award 2nd Prize

Significant impacts and factors influencing her life:



Swabian family background has meant a lot to her, some of her relatives live in Munich. Her grandmother on his father’s part, Mária Wohlmuth had been an acknowledged folk singer of her time, she had worked with adapting Swabian folk music. Mariann Peller has first been interested in Economics as a high school student but she had the desire to study something that can be considered new in Hungary. For this reason, after her graduation, she had continued her studies in Munich. She has already started working during her school years in Germany and had acquired significant international experiences in sales. Upon returning to Hungary she had become interested in the cultural life of classical music.


By investing in her experiences of international music management acquired during her further marketing studies, the concerts of Richard Clayderman, the 2Cellos, the The Piano Guys and Ennio Morricone among others in Budapest had been realized in her organization. Her experiences of international and national concert-promotion activities have shown that the interest in classical music and the size of audience actively attending concerts are gradually decreasing. Furthermore, she had realized that more and more of the national young musicians tend to contract abroad and the Hungarian classical music scene is also forced to face the lack of human resources for the future.



Creating the Virtuosos Talent Show

These experiences had led Mariann Peller, as she had also seen the success of television talent shows, to envision the idea of the world’s first classical music talent show on television. After an in-depth market research and analysis of other programs, in which she had asked for the assistance of excellent professionals, she had created the format of the Virtuosos program series.


Several national television channels had shown interest in the realization of the format but Mariann Peller believed that a classical music talent show is best positioned in public broadcasting (MTVA). She had convinced renown professional musicians and a music historian as judges for the show. Such as Erika Miklósa opera singer, Gergely Kesselyák conductor and András Batta music historian. The first season had been a huge success from the very beginnings, Virtuosos had the highest viewing figures of public service television in 2014. This show discovers new talents, instead of creating them, which is a huge difference compared to other talent shows. Mariann Peller has also placed great emphasis on supporting and sponsoring the young talents of the show in their career.



Young Virtuosos Foundation (Kis Virtuózok Alapítvány)

For this reason, she had initialized the Young Virtuosos Foundation together with András Batta, Erika Miklósa, the Batthyány family, Levente Molnár opera singer and Nicholas Marko, the manager of Plácido Domingo. Since, as the producer of Virtuosos, she believes that Virtuosos is not simply a show, it is a movement and actual work starts after the television show. The power of value-creation in Virtuosos has been recognized by many market leader companies, from Erste Bank and Neckermann Hungary to the Armel Opera Festival, and they are sponsoring the foundation. The success of Mariann Peller’s idea is best proven by the fact that after the first season the number of students applying to music school has increased by 14% which means that the younger generation has realized that classical music can be trendy too. From the eminently successful Season 2 the absolute winner of the talent show has been provided a concert opportunity in the citadel of classical music, in the Carnegie Hall of New York, while age group winner, like the winners of Season 1, can give individual concerts in the most popular concert halls of the world from Avery Fisher Hall of also New York to the Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonics, or for example, at joint concerts with the London Mozart Players in London. The talents of Virtuosos frequently attend such important scenes and locations of classical music like Brussels, Tokyo, Paris and Strasbourg, as well as many cities of Italy, Pakistan and China.



Charity work in Young Virtuosos Foundation

The foundation  by Mariann Peller helps young artists with scholarships, instrument purchases, organising national and foreign concerts and knowledge transfer on management. Such an activity comes with unforgettable moments like the one in 2014 when a terminally ill contestant, Venassza Kormányos has been gifted with a valuable violin and a charity auction was organised to financially help her medical treatment. Many other young talents coming from difficult social and financial background have been donated instruments. One of the contestants, Anna-Sofia Bonino, who battles with Multiple Sclerosis, was not only donated violin, but a charity auction was also held to benefit her medical treatment. The Young Virtuosos Foundation, furthermore, awards 3 outstanding music pedagogues with the Best Music Teacher prize.


The talents sponsored by the foundation often get the opportunity to take part in classical music master classes.



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